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Sept 1st, 'Paid to Read' ads in the earnings area! Sep 11, 2016

starting this month we have started to list 'Micro Tasks' for members to earn with, these are easy to do, it is very important to follow the advertisers description-instruction at the start of each task,and then proceed to that site to complete for crediting....note Clixfly admin will track all clicks for advertisers-members earnings.... need help or questions contact 'Admin' message from your member mailbox

New starting in January 2016 Mar 20, 2016

admin with the site advertisers have a new free offer where members can receive upgraded memberships at zero cost, which also means higher earnings and downline cash. this is for USA,UK, it the 'Paid to Signup Offers - Click Here...Paid To Signup Offers area of your members earning page. 1. Complete one free to signup offer, and receive 1 month membership. 2. Complete 2 free to sign up offers, receive 1 month membership plus $1 to your account balance. 3. Complete 4 free to signup offers, receive 2 month membership plus $2 to your account balance. this also includes members receiving bonus advertising credits... any questions email admin this will also be posted in the Clixfly forum..

May you prosper in the club 2016..! Mar 20, 2016

First we appreciate every ones patience since the last host server crashed and left us with the lights out...admin learned a hard lesson using out of country host servers, we brought everything home to the USA...we have been rebuilding Clixfly piece by piece and almost back up to speed, something we all miss is the club's forum it will be restored soon...Clixfly operation looks good and we have many updates planned for 2015, offering to you the members even higher $$ payouts..!... any issues,questions contact 'admin' through your members page...Cheers 10-7-2015 update Clixfly forum is up and running, members can use their existing member info to log in!

Clixfly offer Walls earnings note... Dec 17, 2015

Message to all.. a quick reminder for everyone when your earning in the site's offer walls example 'Offer Toro' there are many ways to click for cash along with free signup offers, there are many pay per click ads, pay per view videos and easy daily tasks to do...each offer wall has tabs at the top for each category...along with tracking your completed offers-earnings admin, any questions about the offer walls Clixfly PS if as a US,UK,CA member your not earning 'Dollars per day here at the club' there is a ez way to do just that, email admin for help we will show you how to....earn$$

Welcome to Clixfly Club ! Oct 23, 2015

Website now open to advertisers Oct 7, 2015. Clixfly is adding high payout clix and new offer walls daily, with lots of great low-cost advertising options to post to. The clix lounge is open to USA,UK and Canada signup members, the International lounge will be open when we finish offers for all countries with added payout options, Thank you Admin

The Clix Lounge...Weekend updates.. Oct 23, 2015

Clixfly payouts, Congrats to those members enjoy..! more cash is coming along each day as people reach their payout for their membership level, * How did our newest members ramp up their earnings on Clixfly ? a good question and very easy answer to this....1) A member can start in the "Paid to Signup" area there you pick instant cash offers or daily surveys to complete, they are country specific, offers in this area have the highest and quickest payouts in the club...these offers are all free to complete, it was designed that way. 2) Next stop for great earnings are the "Offer Walls" like Adscend-OfferToro-Superrewards-Adworkmedia many offers with great payouts, remember the walls are international and automatically display all cash offers available for your country. 3) From there to get your clix in by visiting the latest "Paid to Click" ads on the site...Hope to see you in the next payouts... club motto is to click for dollars not pennies...Note our advertisers-affiliate offers have great payouts...faster ! :) you can refer to the forum (which also has notes on referral and site contests , site news or contact Clixfly admin..:) ****If you are looking to market your stuff in the Club we have super low cost ad prices**** **We are adding our newest 'Payment Wall' next week

*Important info for Members - Advertisers Oct 23, 2015

**important note a lot of people asked us how to get into the earnings page? answer: on your members page left side click on button " Earning Area" here is where you will see all links to make cash on the site. Advertisers also have on their member page links where you can manage and view ads We add and update clix and new offers daily...we will be including International links.. We also write and add helpful tips to the to the site 'Forum'

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